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Set of 6 Guided Visualizations

Set of 6 Guided Visualizations

Connect with your Higher Self – this guided visualization will take you to meet a bigger part of yourself – your divine Self and what you are now integrating into your life. This is a loving and huge part of you that can provide guidance, direction and comfort whenever you want it. 

Meet your Future Self – Like the Higher Self, but actually the consciousness of who you are becoming in this life. This visualization is great for people who want to “know if their lives turn out” and to learn what your future will look like. An excellent guide and wise part of yourself that has “been there and done that” and can help guide the present you into your future.

Relax and Regenerate – is for people who need a way to unwind and regenerate from the stresses of their lives. This visualization can help you relax your muscles and create a deep state of well being and inner peace for yourself.

It’s time to Sleep – is a great visualization to help you unwind at the end of the day and let you cares and tensions fall by the wayside into a place of calm, restfulness and peacefulness which naturally leads you to sleep. Many people have used my visualizations to sleep by for years…

A Rainbow Light Journey – helps people visualize and connect with their chakras (energy centers in the body) to discover what you truly want. Imagine connecting with a rainbow and discovering your pot of gold at the end of the rainbows.

Looking Back in Time – is great for people who want to do a mini past life regression. This can help you resolve something, understand what something happened, know how you’ve known people from the past, or understand where a phobia came from in this lifetime.
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