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Your Next Step Coach Suzanne Strisower


Well Being for the Whole Person


A Personal, Professional and Spiritual Approach to Life

There are times in life where we can use some help, support and guidance. During those times a coach can be really helpful in moving from being stuck to feeling empowered.

Here’s how I can help you…

   Make a Necessary Career Change – knowing it's time to move on, or you've been laid off or it's time to reinvent yourself and your career that honros and reflects the best of who you are.


   Find Your Life Purpose – to know what you came here to do in this lifetime or to know more about the next chapter of your life. 


   Clarify Your Goals & Direction – because often we reach certain milestones, thresholds or plateaus in life and falter in knowing where to go next, we all want some support, not to go into the unknown alone.


   Create Your Righ Livelihood – because you have already become successful, now you want your work to have personal meaning and to be in service to something bigger than yourself. 


   Figure Out Your "Second Act" – for boomers wanting to create a meaningful life and legacy during their retirement and sunset years.


   Connect to Something Bigger Than Yourself –both as a mission and calling, but also to the bigger and expanded part of your Self.


   Work with Your Dreams – to explore the many ways to make meaning and gain insights from your waking and sleeping worlds.

My Unique Approach to Coaching


I guide professionals wanting to find more meaningful ways to express their skills, gifts and talents in service to their own mission and purpose in life using my unique 3/4/5D™ approach.

3D = DOING Experience Well Being

getting your goals & life situations in alignment  & creating a work/life balance for yourself



4D = KNOWING Express Yourself

tapping into your inner wisdom, guidance, intuition and purpose to make your best choices



5D = BEING Transformational Living

achieving a state of being where living connects you to your joy and bliss

Listen to Suzanne's 3, 4 and 5D Coaching Strategies

Co-Creator's Convergence Interview with Suzanne Strisower

Invigorate Your Life by…


  1. Exploring Your Perspective – do you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life? We’ll explore ways you can improve it.

  2. Addressing All Your Needs – are you feeling down or stuck and don’t know what to do? We’ll assess your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

  3. Creating a Holistic Life Plan – would you like your mind-body and spiritual to be in alignment and working together? We’ll design a plan for you with the critical components to manifest your personal success and fulfillment on all levels of your being.

You can work in whatever 3/4/5D™ level of coaching meets your needs. People often start by wanting to “Get your ‘3D’ life in order”, then want to “Awaken your ‘4D’ intuition and live your true purpose in life”, and finally “Moving into a deeper ‘5D’ connection with your Self and Spirit.”



Start Your Journey Today…

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Helping You Experience Holistic Living, Deeper Meaning & Purpose.
Well Being For The Whole Person ~ Body, Mind & Spirit
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