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Hypnotherapy with Suzanne Strisower

Interested in Hypnotherapy?


Explore Your Life From an Inner & Holistic Perspective


Everyone should have access to their own Inner Knowing, Wisdom and Guidance. Hypnotherapy is a Great Tool to Jumpstart that Profound Connection to Take the Necessary Next Steps in Your Life.



Hypnotherapy is a great tool for people who want to…


   Work Through Weight & Smoking Issues – to resolve the underlying reasons for these toxic habits and to have your Being give you guidance, support and a new healthy path to channel those energies.


   Resolve Blocks & Trauma – you have tried conventional treatment approaches but still have lingering blocks or unresolved issues that you want to understand, heal and move on.


   Tap Into Creativity & the Flow – of their own creative flow, energy and consciousness for artistic, literary or other endeavors.


   Meet Your Higher and Future Self – to connect with the bigger part of who you are and the Future Self to receive guidance and direction from the all- knowing parts of our Beings.


   Visit Your Past Lives – to understand and resolve your modern day connections with people, traumatic or phobic situations and to consciously complete karma to be able to bring your being up to a higher vibrational level.


   Connect With Your Deceased Loved Ones – reconnect with your loved ones for true knowing via direct communication, connection and closure (if desired).


   Awaken to the Shift for Personal & Planetary Ascension – for embodying and experiencing the new flows of energy that are being downloaded into us from a conscious place as a co-creator with the divine.



Want to Explore Them From an Inner & Holistic Perspective?


Try a Quick Sample of the Process for Yourself.




People often wonder if they can be hypnotized (which means simply that you can access your subconscious mind, higher consciousness and inner wisdom). Your Being will naturally and effortlessly take you to the exact place you need to for resolution and healing if you can just let the process unfold.


This quick assessment will help you know how easy it is for you to bypass your conscious mind…Follow these simple directions to determine your ability to access your inner world.

1.     Be in a comfortable place and sit down comfortably.

2.     Close your eyes and just relax and let whatever comes to your mind be expressed to you.

3.     Visualize your favorite car – see it in Technicolor, what color is it?

4.     Imagine yourself driving this car – notice where you are going and who is with you – do you know where you are being taken?

5.     Feel any sensations or notice any thoughts you are having about what is happening.

6.     Open your eyes and come back to your reality.

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If you can do this simple exercise, you will have great results from my work!


You also see how fun, quick and easy the process can be.


Hypnotherapy sessions are done via Skype: $200 per session



Each session 1½-2 hours a take you into some expanded parts of yourself and reality. These are stand alone sessions and it is my goal to help you reach your stated goal during each session. Most issues do not need more than a single session to achieve the desired results. 

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