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Suzanne Strisower


(pronounced Stri – sour)


Suzanne Strisower is a true renaissance woman and visionary change agent who for the past 40 years has been a certified life and career coach, social worker, author, radio show host, screenwriter, creator of a television show and curriculum designer. She has mentored thousands of people from all walks of life to live their lives on purpose.

Suzanne Strisower, MA, PCC Author, Coach & Radio Show Host

            Holistic Life Coach


Suzanne has worked with professionals from all walks of life to help them discover what gives them personal meaning and fulfillment so that they can make meaningful career changes and create ideal lives for themselves. Her unique 3/4/5D™ method helps clients delve deeper into who they truly are personally, professionally and spiritually. Clients have said that, “Suzanne is more than just a coach, that she’s a spiritual coach, mentor and guide.”d Transforming the Times to give people positive, uplifting news, and feature people who were making a difference on the planet in innovative ways that other people could get involved with.

            Award winning Author


The best selling and award winning author of three books, Suzanne created a comprehensive life purpose workbook, 111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes and Exercises to Help People Find Their Purpose in Life that includes a five step process for people to discover their own “Life Purpose DNA™ and Blueprint for Success and Fulfillment.” Her other titles include: One Hundred Eleven Inspirational “Tweetable” Life Purpose Quotes: A Book of Original Thoughts (which is written entirely using Twitter tweets) and The Runes of the Four Realms, (a 21st century rune oracle with symbols representing earth, air, fire and water in an energy grid with the various frequencies of the realms including the angels, devas, being co-creative and the elementals) This rune oracle has been used over 150,000 times as an online oracle.

           Book Promotions


Suzanne has pitched herself onto countless radio and television shows and gotten magazine coverage for her books, as well as being featured on segment on one of National Geographic’s top rated reality television shows. She created a conscious living internet television show called Transforming the Times to give people positive, uplifting news, and feature people who were making a difference on the planet in innovative ways that other people could get involved with.


In 2014, Suzanne created a multimedia virtual book tour company. The Best Virtual Book Tour utilizes her writing background, years of radio and contacts to get authors books seen and heard by one million people which helps authors promote their books to over ONE MILLION people. 

           Radio Show Host & Producer


Suzanne’s vision led her to found the Living Well Talk Radio Network, where she hosts and produces several internet radio shows including Living Life on Purpose.  A skillful interviewer, Suzanne has interviewed hundred’s of people including Dr. Bernie Siegel, Gregg Braden and the Nautilus Book Award Authors. Her network’s focus is on shows that “inspire life” and include experts on a wide variety of topics including spirituality, sustainablity, optimal health and well being, plus inspirational authors, entertainers and musicians.

           Education & Professional Memberships


With an insatiable desire to learn, Suzanne has accomplished many academic goals including BA in Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and many other certifications in permaculture, mediation, coaching, hypnotherapy, and being a Master Gardener. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, the American Psychological Association and is listed in the Who’s Who of American Women.

Foundation for Inspired Learning Suzanne Strisower
Pacifica Graduate Institute Suzanne Strisower
John F Kennedy University Suzanne Strisower
Life Purpose Institute Suzanne Strisower
Suzanne Strisower
International Coach Federation Suzanne Strisower
American Psychological Association Suzanne Strisower
Coach For Life Suzanne Strisower


Helping You Experience Holistic Living, Deeper Meaning & Purpose.
Well Being For The Whole Person ~ Body, Mind & Spirit
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