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The Best Virtual Book Tour with Suzanne Strisower

Unique Multimedia Approach to Book Promotion


All authors need 3 things to get their books properly promoted: INFRASTRUCTURE, VISIBILITY & SALES CHANNELS. Often emerging (new) authors don’t know where to begin.


Here’s the Sad Truth for Emerging Authors...


  • According to Print on Demand statistics, the average book sells fewer than 200 copies.

  • In a 2009 New York Times article, AuthorHouse had 40,000 authors with 60,000 titles. In 2008, AuthorHouse sold 2.5 million books or only 41 books per title. Authors on average sell only 150 books.

  • The Book Marketing Bible guru, Norm Schriever, said in a 2014 blog post that 20% of all self publishing authors make NOTHING at all from their books and that 65% make between $1-4,999 from book sales.

The Best Virtual Book Tour programs are designed to put your book in front of book promoters and book buyers to give you a strategic way to improve your book selling prospects by reaching out to people who promote and buy books. These programs help authors target and reach:


  • Librarians

  • Book Reviewers

  • Literary Agents

  • Bookstores

  • Book Buyers

  • Media Audiences – radio, TV & print

  • Others


Learn how to reach ONE MILLION people using this Multimedia Approach!


Click below to learn about the three programs offered.

Is designed for the DIY person to get some help with pitching yourself to radio, TV, print and reviewers, plus ways to get more visibility.
For authors and professionals who want someone to help them with their Infrastructure, Visibility and Sales Channels and to open doors for them.
This program organizes and facilitates all of the efforts required for you to reach one million people with your book.

7 Book Promotion Strategies Every Author Needs to Know to Reach ONE MILLION PEOPLE

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