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The Beauty of the Flowers of Diversity

It saddens me to see all of the violence and distrust that is happening in so much of the world today…

I was struggling for a metaphor and way to shift this into something positive when I came across this picture.

Is it possible for us to look at each other as part of a bouquet in Nature - to see the beauty in each and every flower that is part of that gift? Humanity is a Human Bouquet

To see that gift in each and every face and human in Nature like this –each person is brilliant and vital like these flowers….

We are all this beautiful – it’s just that life and circumstances have dimmed our light and brightness. So the question is how can we return to our Light in times and situations of darkness… Find the Goodness in Ourselves & Others

Step 1: Ask yourself – “What is good and right about me?”

Answer these questions, and as you do you will feel empowered by what is right and what can make a difference in the strife on the planet.

 Do you have good guidance or inner wisdom that guides you in how to contribute to a better planet for you having lived?

 Are there specific things that you can give or contribute to others and your neighborhood without any cost that would make a difference?

 How can you help to beautify and make a beautiful bouquet of yourself and others around you?

When you do this any actions you take will be a blessing for you, those around you and the planet. It doesn’t have to be hard, nor a huge endeavor, nor cost anything but your effort, just bring light to your life and those around you.

Step 2: Get Others Involved – See What is Good & Right in Them Too

Have people see what is good and right with them, even when they don’t have jobs, education or a direction in life. What makes them beautiful and an integral part of the bouquet of life?

How can that being and energy be channeled into something positive?

That’s the question and creativity that each of us needs to ask ourselves about our family and community members.

This is what they are trying to do in Baltimore now – having people gather together to help end the violence. I think that to make a lasting change, it has to actually happen in the fabric of how we be and interact with each other – can we see their beauty and include them?

People can’t feel disenfranchised, not feel angry and want something done about it. All people want is to be treated with respect and then they will respond accordingly and to have that energy channeled in some positive way.

It’s time to mobilize ourselves with the vision of a human bouquet where we can all cohabitate in a peaceful manner just like the plants do in Nature…We are all a part of Nature too!

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