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Learn How to Leave an Intentional Legacy

Living Life on Purpose is dedicated to showcasing experts and authors on topics of Sustainability, Spirituality, Optimal Health & Well Being, Conscious Business and Inspirational Entertainers. Learn How to Leave an Intentional Legacy

Are you interested in learning how to create something meaningful for those you leave behind at death?

My guest shares tips on things that make great legacy items and the things that are most important for people to consider leaving for


She also talks about the Top 5 regrets people have on their deathbeds and how to handle them for yourself before that happens to you.

My Guest Expert is Ann Ranson

Ann Ranson has spent over 30 years working with Fortune 500 companies in advertising and media. Her passion is in the field of personal gorwth and she is a certified life and business coach. Her new program, Intentional Legacy: Gather Your Stories, Share Your Legacy and Celebrate Your Journey is designed for Baby Boomers wanting to leave a gift for those they love.

Ann is also the founder and tea purveyor for her unique tea blends called Civilitea, Possibilitea, Serrenitea and you can find out more about her blends and how to host a high tea.

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