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The Mystical Plan for Life that’s Revealed Thru the Tarot

Living Life on Purpose is dedicated to showcasing experts and authors on topics of Sustainability, Spirituality, Optimal Health & Well Being, Conscious Business and Inspirational Entertainers. The Mystical Plan for Life that’s Revealed Thru the Tarot

This is a fascinating segment looking at how we can use the tarot and particularly the major arcana to help us understand what is happening in our world. In this show we do live readings for callers and also do a “status report” for the planet. A great show if you’re looking to make sense of the energies on the planet using the guidance of the runes and tarot.

My Guest Expert is Athena Kolinski

Athena Kolinski, a Religious Studies Professor for the online bachelor’s program at University of Philosophical Research, where she attained her second Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies.

Athena is a certified Tarotpy Practitioner and New DreamWork Coach, as well as an active

member of International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). & follow her insights on Twitter @starcarddreamin

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