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“Hypnotherapy gives you the opportunity to tap into your own inner resources and intuition about your life for healing, direction and awakening.” ~ Suzanne Strisower

Sessions are scheduled in advance and each client has a specific thing they want to

explore, understand and resolve to move forward in their lives in some way. Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind, our inner wisdom and the super-conscious aspects of our beings. I guide you through the following steps as part of each hypnotherapy session.

The actual session process is outlined below.

1. The client is put into a relaxed trance state in the comfort of their own homes that allows them to bypass their own conscious mind and access the relevant parts of their consciousness.

2. The client’s subconscious mind opens up and moves to the circumstances, energy, blocks, situations in their inner knowing that have a direct bearing on whatever it is they are doing the session for.

3. The clients will then be guided by Suzanne to explore and understand all of the relevant aspects of the issue and how it originally created the problem for them in their psyche.

4. Clients are then instructed to ask their inner wisdom what they want or need to do to resolve the situation that is the “seed cause” for the problem. Your Being will always offer up a perfect solution to you to use to experience and rewrite the karma and memories associated with that certain situation or issue.

5. During the session, clients often have epiphanies about why things have happened in their lives or past lives, why certain people are in their lives and how a whole series of circumstances or events all fit together.

6. The insights, energy and resolution is then done on a trial basis back in the present life of the client to make sure that indeed they are functioning and feeling differently so that when they return back to their waking world things have indeed shifted internally.

7. Clients return to their waking state feeling refreshed awake and alert. They remember everything that was important to them. We debrief about what was experienced, seen, felt, and resolved.

NOTE: Each session is whole and complete relative to a given issue and the client feels like they have done everything they wanted to accomplish before they return back into their waking state. Sometimes a client’s Being has other ideas for their healing and wants to take you in a related but different direction. I will always honor that higher wisdom as each of us is always striving for your wholeness and well-being.

Try this out for yourself now, sign up & receive my free 20 min. guided visualization, Relax & Regenerate, which takes you gently into your own inner world.

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