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Bridging the Gap ~ Create In All Dimensions Insights & Guided Visualization

Learn The Secrets Of Expanding Your Consciousness Into A Multidimensional Perspective


3D -  Know the techniques to escape from 3D and

the routines of your daily life into something beyond your wildest dreams.


4D -  Find that inner wisdom and guidance within you

that can help you connect with something bigger than yourself including your Higher Self.


5D -  Explore the mystical side of your life and create

the peak experiences that keep you in that vibration.



Get a a chart that gives you the energetic experience and underpinnings of each of the first five dimensions we can easily tap into.


Do A Guided Multidimensional Visualization:


Read this easy to follow guide to becoming multidimensional and then listen to the 27 minute guided visualization that will give you an experience of the first five dimensions so that you can ground and connect with 1D, the center of the earth, and  feeling the lower world of 2D, then moving into our earthly 3D experience, then out into the realm or dimension of your thought forms, intuition, astral, psychic and akashic records and finally expand into the 5D realm of light. This is a powerful visualization that takes you on a journey through all of the first five dimensions.



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