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Enhance Your Psychic Gifts

Enhance Your Psychic Gifts

Many people love their divination tools, tarot cards or psychic readings. This online course is designed to help you make an oracle of your own! Using real wood runes you will be guided through the process of making your own fortune telling oracle…

In this unique course, you will:
Discover your own unique symbols and tips on their meanings that are special to you
Craft your own wooden runes from the rune blanks provided
Learn the techniques to actually do psychic readings for yourself and others
Develop a confidence in your own intuition and psychic abilities
Have fun answering questions for yourself and your friends with an oracle that is uniquely your own.
This online course is great for people wanting to develop their own intuition and psychic gifts. The course includes a package of 22 wooden runes and an online presentation to walk you through the process of making your own oracle to completing your first readings. It’s a great confidence builder and you’ll have a divination tool that is totally unique!
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