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Awaken to Your Life Purpose with Suzanne Strisower

Awakening to Multidimensional Dreaming



This presentation will focus on how you can be more connected in your life through the insights and information shared with you via your dreams. This is also a great way to help with your spiritual awakening and energetic activations which often come through 

various types of dreaming. You'll get lots of tips and information on how to understand your dreams from a multidimensional perspective.


Free Gift:

Receive an MP3 of three different dream-like visualizations you can use to look at your life multidimensionally.



8 week course "Awakening to Your Multidimensional Self and Understanding Your Dreams Multidimensionally"







Type 1: Nightmares

NIGHTMARES, we think of a “bad dreams” because we don’t like the content and often feel scared and victimized by them, but imagine if you could use that nightmare to take back your power, be free from fear and be a victim no more… The job of a nightmare is to help us become empowered.









Type 2: Processing Dreams

PROCESSING DREAMS, come to us because we have too much going on in our daily lives and can’t figure out what to do with certain stressful events. Processing dreams help us make sense of our daily worlds and help us find solutions for our problems while we sleep.










Type 3: Recurring Dreams

 RECURRING DREAMS, can be the result of denial or things that we would prefer not to think about or have to deal with. Recurring dreams help us understand how we are stuck and have blocks in our lives and point to what we need to look at and resolve to be able to move on. They can also be really positive showing us that we are ready for our next level of spiritual development and are prodding us along until we “wake up and get with our ascension and claim our power.”


Get a Free MP3 for Ways to

Enhance and Understand Your Difficult Dreams


In this MP3, I will guide you through using dream images and content for three different types of dreams – a nightmare, a “processing of daily life” dream and a recurring dream. I am also giving you’re the “Uroborous Dream” Worksheet to use to help decode your dreams.


Each dream gives us clues and points us in a direction for insight and empowerment if we befriend and use our dreams wisely.

Once You sign up you will receive an MP3 link to download the visualization and a “Uroborous Dream” Worksheet to get started.




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Awakening to Your Multidimensional Self By Understanding Your Dreams Multidimensionally



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