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Awaken to Your Life Purpose with Suzanne Strisower

Well Being for the Whole Person


A Personal, Professional and Spiritual Approach to Life

Everyone of us wants to feel fulfilled, successful and to be living a balanced life. 



However, oftentimes that’s not where we wind up and we need a coach to help us get back on track and to take the next steps.


Are you...


. feeling burned out and wanting to make a career change?


. wanting to know your purpose in life to create a more fulfilling life?


. knowing there’s more to life and wanting to reach your full potential?


. planning for retirement but not knowing what direction to go?




I can assist if you are:


• A professional seeking to use your talents in more fulfilling ways,


• A creative individual seeking an outlet to share with the world,


• Part of the Baby Boomers Generation reassessing your life’s meaning,


• A person wanting to take the next step, but don’t know how to start,


• Someone seeking personal growth and spiritual development. 



Through a holistic coaching approach, I help you succeed in each of your endeavors.

Personal Coaching

Want to know what your purpose in life truly is?
Claim Your Power & Purpose
1 Month Personal Purpose Program

Professional Coaching

Want to use your life purpose to help you find your ideal job and career?
Claim Your Power & Purpose
3 month Career Program

Spiritual Coaching

Want to understand what your purpose is and how you can create a right livelihood for yourself using your special gifts and talents?
Find Your Inner Guidance & Divine Purpose
6 Month Spiritual Mentoring Program

Find Your Life Purpose

Living Life on Purpose


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Helping You Experience Holistic Living, Deeper Meaning & Purpose.
Well Being For The Whole Person ~ Body, Mind & Spirit
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