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The Best Virtual Book Tour with Suzanne Strisower

The Top 5 Reasons being a bestseller is necessary:


1. Become an authority & Bolster your credibility


2. Charge more for speaking & other events


3. Bestsellers & more reviews ensure a higher rank on Amazon


4. Excellent to use for attracting Joint Venture Partnerships


5. Your bestseller reviews make excellent sales copy to promote your book


Benefits to my unique Amazon Bestseller Campaign service:


  • it saves you thousands – campaigns cost between $3,500-6,000

  • promotion as a “Hot New Release on Amazon

  • get over 20 “verified purchase” reviews guaranteed

  • doesn’t require the author to do anything – no free offers, no joint ventures, no landing pages, no coordination, no promo copy, no social media…

Recent successful Amazon Bestselling book campaigns 

The Best Virtual Book Tour has run:

7 Book Promotion Strategies Every Author Needs to Know to Reach ONE MILLION PEOPLE

Special Offer for Amazon Bestselling Book Campaigns for your Award-Winning Book


Are you ready to add “Best-Selling Author” to your bio?


Being a best-selling author has many benefits to help take your book to the next level.

111 Inspirational Life Purpose Quotes & Exercises to Find Your Purpose in Life

- this book placed #2 and #5 on the best seller list in 2 different categories


Completely Connected - #2 in the Business Conflict 

Resolution & Mediation - this Amazon campaign was run on March 29, 2015 and here’s what the 

documentation you receive looks like:

1. The Amazon Hot New Release feature for each book

This image shows that your book has been the focus of Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the same categories that you are also entering your book into for the bestseller campaign. It gives excitement and relevance to your book. This image can also be used in future promotional copy about your book being “Hot New Release.”





2. Amazon Bestseller Status Documentation

The images below are the documentation you receive from The Best Virtual Book Tour showing exactly the number your book placed in the bestseller status during your campaign.


The first image shows the number you ranked as a bestseller, in this case the book is the #2 book sold in the Business Conflict Resolution & Mediation category on Amazon.





















This graphic gives you all of the specifics of your book regarding your bestselling book status. At the bottom, you see the book’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank for this book’s campaign had it a best seller in 3 different categories! This makes excellent promotional copy, as well as relevance and credibility for your book’s content.







3. 20+ Reviews for Completely Connected





Interested in how I can make this happen for you and your book now?


I have put together an international team of qualified reviewers who will purchase your book via kindle and within two weeks of your launch date you will have 20 reviews guaranteed. The investment for this unique service is only $1,500!


In addition, I want authors to reach a bigger audience with their books. So here are some additional things I want to give each author who purchases this program from The Best Virtual Book Tour:


Additional Book Promotion Services FREE with Amazon Bestseller Campaign…


  • 15 Minute Author Showcase Interview on the Living Life on Purpose internet radio show hosted by Suzanne Strisower, who has interviewed hundreds of authors and experts including Gregg Braden, Dr. Bernie Siegel and many award-winning and best selling authors. Listen to a recent Nonfiction Author Showcase Interview series.

  • Promotional MP3 of your interview - This professional 15 minute interview about you and your book will be provided to you as both a link to the entire show, plus a separate MP3 of just your segment as if it was a special interview just for you to use as a promotional interview on your website or when approaching other media.

  • Book review provided by Suzanne Strisower to Amazon for your book

  • List of over 200 different online radio shows that are categorized by topic & show demographics to pitch your book

  • Easy to Use Pitch Template that has a 50% response rate that all you do is plug your own info into and email out to potential shows you want to be interviewed on

  • List of the 19 press kit items for you to use to appear credible

  • List of 50 possible book reviewers and their contact information for newspapers, and magazines

  • Teleseminar – 7 Book Marketing Strategies Every Author Must Know to Reach One Million People – this 60 minute teleseminar conducted by Suzanne Strisower outlines what you need to do to reach a large audience with your book.


The additional value of these services is over $2,500 and is part of your purchase of an Amazon Bestseller Book Campaign because we at The Best Virtual Book Tour really do want for your book to “be seen and heard by millions”!


Sign up today and get your book taken to the top of the Amazon Bestseller charts and get all of these other book promotion tools included with your purchase.



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